An experience with gay male escorts made me consider being gay.

An experience with gay male escorts made me consider being gay.

gay male escortsNo mincing word, if I was a boy, my place would have been with gay male escorts. I am trying to share my experiences because I had many exciting moments with them. They are probably the most emotionally stable people in the world.

Ok, let me mention specific instances that I have actually had an amazing time with gay male escorts. The first was when I graduated from college. I was such a nerd at that moment. Most of the guys in the class didn’t even want to have anything to do with me.

I suffered stigma and isolation over many years. It was while I was trying to get over the stigma and isolation that I first met gay escorts. The first one that I hired showered me with praise. Before his arrival, I was nervous. I tried to look my best. I took my bath and applied one layer of makeup after another, but each time it was tainted by the sweat bubbles the shoots uncontrollably out of my forehead.

It wasn’t summer but winter, but the nervousness burned me from the inside. It sped up the rate of my metabolism resulting in the alarming rise in my body temperature. When he arrived, I opened the door and froze. I could swear that my heart froze for some minutes. What he did next made all the difference. He took my hand in his and kissed it.

It was as if I just took a bath under ice. My temperature dropped abruptly, and my aching nerve relaxed. For the first time in my life, I felt loved. It is an amazing feeling. It is not a feeling that can be described with words. You need to be there to experience it.

I wanted to experience the feeling over and over again, and I hire more gay male escorts – and they did not disappoint each time.

I think there is this weird thing about guys. They are attracted to a girl who is competitive. I guess the different escorts that were always around me motivated some to get closer to me. After a while, I finally had a guy who I could call my boyfriend. He was amazing in different ways.

However, he had his flaws. I know we all have our flaws, but there are some flaws that we may find easy to cope with more than the others. My boyfriend was great in the aspect that he loved me and showed it. He took me to several places, and we do have an amazing time together.

Beyond that, we often find it difficult blending with each other. Rather, I would say that we often find it hard to shelf our wants for that of our partner. I think that is what love is all about. If you are not willing to sacrifice for your partner, then you are not truly in love. I didn’t say you should do this all the time but a good number of times.

Let me give you one specific instance. There was this day I worked so hard during the day that I was so exhausted. All I wanted was to have a peaceful rest. That night he was so horny and began to touch me.

“I want to sleep”, I told him quietly, but he persisted.

I got up that night, took my blanket and went to the living room where I spent the rest of the night on the sofa. In the morning his face was creamed with anger. I explained, but he would not stop vexing.

That incident made me begin to compare him with the gay male escorts I have been with. Throughout all my experiences there has never been a time when they were angry. I have no clue about their personal life, but the much I know I think they are perfect and the kind of guy any girl would want.

There was this particular time that I hired one of them, and I wanted to go to a party, but he wanted us to see one movie that was premiering that evening. When our opinions clashed, he decided to shelve his. He was cool about it, but I began to feel guilty after a while.

It was then that an idea came into my mind. I told him we could actually go and see the movie and hit the party afterwards. It was a win-win for everyone. I can’t help it, but anytime I have issues with my boyfriend my mind will immediately begin to compare him with gay male escorts.

“What would gay male escorts do if they were in this position?” I would ask myself.

I know it is an unhealthy comparison. If only I was a boy, I would not have wasted time in joining this happy family of gay male escorts.

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