Gay Male Escorts can make your Birthday Special

Gay Male Escorts can make your Birthday Special

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Recently, I turned 18 and celebrated my birthday in a fantastic way. Lots of friends visited my place and we had a great time cutting the cake, eating and drinking. However, I was quite sure that I don’t want to make my 18th birthday as a regular one. I asked my friends to come up with different ideas on how we can make the day special and fun. Not to mention, I got some really boring ideas like eating out, going out on a disc, etc. However, I must admit that my best friend Rosa came up with the best idea. She is one of those few friends of mine who knows that I am gay and not judgmental. She is a wild chick and often engages with the flings. She suggested an idea that I can make my birthday special by hiring one of the gay male escorts.

Initially, I thought that the suggestion was awkward. I asked her, isn’t it strange to call up a man to fuck me. She laughed out loud and said I’ve gone crazy. Rosa informed me that she regularly hires the escorts and enjoys sexual encounters with both men and women. She had contacts of many male escorts who offer services to the gay clients and they are really great at their job. Rosa somehow convinced me and I decided to give it a shot.

Let’s face it. I have always secretly desired to get a perfect guy who is ten on ten when it come to physique, intelligence, smartness and stamina. It is not very easy to find such guy and convince him to have a sexual encounter. Rosa had somehow read my inner fantasies and suggested a brilliant idea. She shared some of her escort contacts and we shortlisted a few hot gay male escorts. She took the responsibility to call and fix up an appointment on my behalf and the time was fixed at 1 am at my place.
After the party, all my friends went back and Rosa stayed late. She probably thought that I might feel shy in front of the escort guy and wanted to break the ice. Sharp at 1 am, the doorbell rang and we knew it is him. Rosa opened the door and said, “We were waiting for you”. The guy, I must say, is drop-dead-gorgeous. He is just too hot. However, he seemed a bit confused to see Rosa and he was expecting a guy to open the door. Rosa quickly clarified, “no I’m not the one, your client for tonight is right over there sitting on the couch.” She pointed towards me and I stood up to greet him. He was very pleasant and I asked how he can help me. Rosa quipped that it was my birthday and I want him to give me the best gift. He smiled and wished me “happy birthday.” Then he asked let’s walk in the bedroom sir and let me serve you with your best ever birthday gift. Rosa smiled and waved her hands, as we entered the bedroom.

The male escort was very polite and at the same time very funny. His way of speaking was gradually making me horny. He had a great capacity to read the mind and started removing his clothes. First, the white shirt came off revealing his well-toned body. Then he asked me if he can take off my shirt. Before I can say anything, he came close to me and started unbuttoning my shirt. He said let do it together. He then put his hands on the button of his jeans and I knew that this is the moment I was waiting for. This time, he didn’t guide me as I too untied my trouser. Right from the top of his boxer, I can easily figure out that a big thing was raring to come out. And yes, it came out and was staring like a lion. The next one-and-half hours were truly the best moments of my life. I will really never forget my 18th birthday. When we were done, we came out of the room and the guy said goodbye to me and Rosa. I thanked Rosa for the brilliant night and continued such adventures many times. I can now say that I am happily addicted to the gay male escorts.

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