How Gay Male Escort Helped Me Survive Economic Recession

How Gay Male Escort Helped Me Survive Economic Recession

Recession is real and many countries are still struggling to get out of it till today. I recall some few years ago when recession hit the United States and people were in great financial mess. The industries began to lay off workers and I remember my dad coming home one day to break the terrible news to us that he had lost his job. Since he was the only one providing for the family, it became obvious that we had to look for a way to survive.

Then, my friend Adams who had a brilliant result was excited because he believed that with his excellent result, he would get a better shot at job since many people were being forced to give up theirs. After over a hundred submissions, it dawned on him that even the best results cannot guarantee him a job at such time.

I sat down one afternoon to observe the economy and that was when I got the striking revelation that every section of the economy was folding up except one, the entertainment industry. Day by day the other sectors of the economy suffered loses but the entertainment industry kept growing at a remarkable rate with our celebrities buying more properties at the expense of others who are giving up theirs at a cheap rate. At that moment, I knew I wanted in.

The problem was that I was not good at anything; singing (my voice is terribly awful and croaked), dancing (my bones are too stiff for that), acting (I can’t get myself to pretend to be who I am not). It was a terrible place to find myself – being robbed of options. Another great problem I had was that I was not a good quitter. Even when it is glaring that I may never get headway, once my mind has been made up, there is no going back. It was the same problem I had in this case. My mind was made up to join the entertainment industry and there was no way I could get myself to think otherwise.

I have always known about gay male escorts but I never thought of it as an entertainment until that very moment. Entertainment simply means bringing emotional and psychological satisfaction to your audience and in many ways that was what gay male escorts do. Although I was not gay but I decided to join the gay male escorts because there was a gaping opportunity in that field. For the sake of survival, I knew I would adapt in one way or the other – and I really did adapt in so short a time.

One thing I also made sure I did to distinguish myself from those who have been there before – I mean the gay male escorts – was that I focused more on celebrities and entertainers. At the time of recession, these guys were the moneybags and they had cash to throw around. Getting hooked as a male escort is the most difficult part of the job especially for beginners but things become very different once you have reached some level of stardom.

I did not give up. I have learned that as gay male escorts, we are required to be resilient and keep hoping even when it feels useless to hope. After sometime, this celebrity hooked me up for a major outing. It was a show in California. I knew it was my chance to get out of the shadow and I must do everything not to blow it. it was a thrilling moment for me. When we got to the venue, I enjoyed the attention that I got and the press and paparazzi would not let me rest. The next day my face was all over the papers and that was the beginning of my stardom. Thanks to gay male escort, I am taking good care of my parents and the recession looked like a child’s play to us. I opened a retail store for my dad in the neighbourhood which I think is more sustainable that paid employment. At a time, everyone need to be their own boss.

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