How I Slept with a Gay Male Escort

How I Slept with a Gay Male Escort

Being gay is definitely not a crime and most of the developed and open societies across the world consider people GAY MALE ESCORTSfrom LGBT community to be same as the ‘straight’ people. However, I am a 20-year-old gay man hailed from the city of London and I feel proud to say that despite knowing the fact, no one has raised finger on my gender identity till date. I have been enjoying the privilege of living in an open society, where people always give priority to gender equality.

Finding a gay partner is not as easy as finding a straight one because the population of gays is less compared to the straight people. However, I have not made much effort to find a partner, as I would always like to concentrate more on my studies than anything else.

However, soon after reaching 18, I started developing a strong desire of having sex, but at the same time, I did not want to get committed to a partner at that time. I started watching porn movies that compelled me to develop the habit of masturbation that I enjoyed frequently. I soon realized that I should not waste my time and energy in such practices and that is why the hunt for a partner began.

In my quest of meeting a suitable gay partner, I started visiting gay nightclubs in our locality and one day I met Alfonso, a 24-year-old Spaniard, who was pursuing a degree from the University of Kent. We met in a pub, where Alfonso came with his other friends. We start talking on a soundtrack played by the jockey there. Through our conversation, I came to know that Alfonso loves playing guitar and he promised me that one day he would play something for me.

I did not know why, but I found Alfonso so attractive; his vigorous personality impressed me a lot. I started visiting the pub frequently because he had something that always forced me to get close to him. One day, I invited him to my apartment and he accepted it happily. I was eagerly waiting for the day to come and I had some special plans for him, in other words, I wanted to take him to bed.

The day finally came and he rang the doorbell at 8’O clock in the evening. I opened the door and saw Alfonso on the threshold with a bouquet of flowers and a Spanish guitar on his back. I welcomed him with a warm hug and got an unexpected response from him, as our warm hug finished with a minute-long kiss.

Alfonso played some famous tracks on the guitar and sang in both English and Spanish languages. We boozed a lot on that night and Alfonso did not take to much time to read my mind. I took him to the bed and started removing his clothes, as he too started removing mine. Surprisingly, I found him quite experienced in the business and learned lot techniques from him.

After smooching all around my body, he finally reached to my gun and engulfed it in his mouth that seduced me completely. After practicing it for more than 10 minutes, he invited me to do the same for him and I tried to give him a sense pleasure. He finally came to the final part and pushed the rod in my hole.

This was definitely not the first time I was fucked by a gay man, but the way Alfonso did it to me was simply amazing and I would like to enjoy the pleasure every day for the rest of my life.

Next morning, I asked Alfonso about how many times he has slept with gays and the reply came as a huge shock to me. He said that he is working for an agency that offers services of the gay male escorts. He explained that he is not doing this just because of money, as he also loves giving the best pleasure to people who are in need.
We still meet, but not as frequently as we did before. I love Alfonso because he is smart, intelligent and most importantly he can catch what other people want so quickly.

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