The status of gay male escorts on the global stage

The status of gay male escorts on the global stage

gay_ok_logo_lgbt_6_stripe_rainbow_gay_pride_flag_rectangular_sticker-rd9e6c22a257b4583beeec965e446b55c_v9wxo_8byvr_324Different terms have been used for gay male escorts in the past. There are scientists who still hold strong the view that gay and lesbianism in its entirety are perpetrated by those who have biological or psychological issues that has made them to have a craving for people of same sex as themselves. On the contrary, I would like to strongly disagree with this opinion. I have been gay for as far as I can remember and I am totally in my perfect senses. It is a decision I took cautiously and I refuse to be subdued by societal limitations.

The good news is that there are not very many scientists like that in recent times. Science and technology have grown to the height where if you can think about anything, then you can achieve it. However, what I think played the most and important role in erasing the phobia for gay is the increasing number of pornographies on the internet and the ease of accessing them. Currently, anyone with a smartphone that has internet connection can access the tons of gay pornographies usually piled under one section.

Science has proven that the more you are exposed to a thing; you tend to become less conscious of it over time. As more and more people have begun to access these gay pornographies, the fear and anxiety that accompany the thought of them have gradually disappeared and in its place, a longing to try it out. As more and more people began to come to terms with gay, the push to legalize gay marriages began to gain the support of many people and it is no surprise that many countries in different parts of the world are now relaxed towards the subject of gay unlike in the past when no one would want to talk about it.

Since I joined the gay male escorts over two years ago, our client base have been on the rise – which is good news to both the industry and to my pocket. The liberalization of the gay sector has led to younger boys flooding into the industry – boys I have a hunch would have ended up in crimes if they were denied the freedom of self-expression. For close to a year now, people are beginning to find ample use for gay male escorts; to the red carpet, to parties, to clubs and so on. The success achieved thus is not for gay male escorts to celebrate alone, rather it is a collective victory which should be extolled by all. Just like the gay male escorts are expressing themselves freely, so are the clients having a nice time hanging out with them.

Gays and gay male escorts are still forbidden in many countries (some of which I do not want to mention their names. The current drive among gay male escorts should be to diversify; leave the United States and the United kingdom to which they have gained some sort of dominance and also helped to tidy up the obnoxious believes about gays and focus on those regions of the world where gay male escorts are still underappreciated otherwise the future of gay male escorts in such countries will continue to remain hazy.

The current challenge many regions of the world are having when it comes to gaining access to the various pornographic sites is the cost of the internet. If there is a way internet can be made available to all the regions of the world at a cheap rate, then we can be sure to eliminate the phobia – which is the major obstacle to the growth of the gay male escorts business – associated with gay male escorts because teens and youths have a natural tendency to want to vie pornographic contents. If there is a chance that the legalization of gay will be put to the power of vote it is still the youths who would decide the direction the result would sway. Therefore it is very important to make sure that they have the internet at their disposal to get them enlightened so that they will not approach the topic with the rigid mind of our ancestors.

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